Better Together
Annual Report 2022 - 2023

Leadership Message

Better Together is Children’s Treatment Network’s (CTN) theme for our new strategic plan, the foundation of our work for 2022-2027. It is a collective call to action to come together and support our mission: together with our partners, we work with kids, youth and their families to support development and well-being. Better Together is a new step forward and one that is aligned to our vision: a vibrant community where all kids, youth and families belong.

This call to action holds our values at its core: inclusion, collaboration, responsibility and innovation. By building a sense of belonging and championing equity for everyone, we can achieve inclusion. By collaborating, we will evolve, support each other and have fun along the way. We hold ourselves to high standards. Our sense of responsibility requires us to provide services through diligent accountability and stewardship practices. Lastly, we are innovative. By being responsive to change, we are exploring new ways to grow and are leading with creativity and agility.

In this year’s annual report, we are going to share some of the stories of the kids, youth and families we serve and examples from our invaluable network of employees, volunteers, service providers and partners whose passion and commitment allows us to achieve our vision. As you’ll read throughout the report or watch this Year in Review video, we have already begun to embody the goals of our new strategic directions. We hope you enjoy reading our 2022-2023 report and that it conveys the immense pride we have in serving our incredible community of 29,000 kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs and their families.

Karen Eisler CEO
Karen Eisler
Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Gingerich Chair board of directors
Jonathan Gingerich
Chair, Board of Directors

Special Thanks

We would like to give a very special thanks to Jonathan Gingerich, who has provided strategic guidance and leadership in his role as Chair on CTN’s Board of Directors. We will miss Jonathan’s innovative leadership and invaluable insight. We wish him the very best and thank him for his commitment over the years to supporting CTN and the kids, youth and families we serve.
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2022-2027 Strategic Plan: Better Together

This past fall, CTN launched its new strategic plan 2022-2027. The journey to build this plan began at the start of 2022 and included discussions with over 220 individuals connected to CTN, who shared feedback about their experiences, what is important to them and the strengths and challenges with the network. Insights from these kids, youth, families, community partners, employees and services providers, informed the development of our new strategic plan and four strategic directions:

People at the Centre of What we Do
Strive for Excellence
Foster a Culture of Accountability and Stewardship to Support Community Needs
Transformation Through Equitable, Data-driven Service Innovation
These four strategic directions help to shape the roadmap that will drive our work forward over the next several years. This year’s annual report begins to highlight our work and achievements under the new strategic directions.
kids playing with legos with big wheels

As part of launching CTN’s new strategic plan, an evening of family fun was hosted at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills with more than 170 kids, youth and adults in attendance. Attendees experienced all that LEGOLAND Discovery Centre had to offer in their wheelchair accessible environment including rides, LEGO displays, playgrounds, build centres and more. CTN also hosted a strategic plan launch event in Barrie, featuring a LEGO Master Builder as well as a virtual event for those who could not attend in person.

Several ministers, including the Honourable Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education and MPP for King-Vaughan, Laura Smith, the MPP for Thornhill, the Honourable Michael Parsa, MPP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill and current Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, attended our strategic plan launch event.

Foster a Culture of Accountability and Stewardship to Support Community Needs
Foster a Culture of Accountability and Stewardship to Support Community Needs
Foster a Culture of Accountability and Stewardship to Support Community Needs
Foster a Culture of Accountability and Stewardship to Support Community Needs

The Magic Key – CTN’s First Storybook

When developing our new strategic plan, we also developed our first-ever storybook titled, The Magic Key. The book shares the concepts of our strategic plan through a youthful and engaging lens. CTN would like to thank Devon Mayor, a CTN employee, for her assistance in the writing and development of the story. The illustrations were produced by Abigail Roscoe, a disabled artist who strives to challenge ableism in her work. The book was also translated into six languages to make the book accessible to as many kids, youth and families as possible. Watch a special reading of The Magic Key with Jack, a child who receives services from CTN and his mom.

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2 kids dressed up in costumes with their parents

Breaking Down Barriers

CTN launched its equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity and accessibility (EDIIA) initiative in September 2022. The focus of the initiative is to build a more equitable environment where inequities can be identified and systemic barriers removed to allow for improved access and opportunities for kids, youth and families. CTN is focusing on three key areas for this work: education sessions, an equity audit and a sustainable action plan.

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red icon of diversity
yellow icon with two hands shaking
purple icon with a feather
green icon with someone walking with a walking stick

CTN introduced a three-term, educational curriculum for employees and partners. During the first term, training sessions provided foundational knowledge regarding anti-oppression, anti-racism and our shared history. During the second-term, participants used virtual reality technology to practice reflecting on bias and microaggressions through a series called Let’s Talk About Race and participated in San’yas Cultural Safety Training, a national online training program for health professionals. The third term focuses on self-directed learning.

Work on the equity audit began in spring 2023 and included engagement with clients and families, partners, employees and communities. The audit focuses on the workplace, governance and services that CTN directly delivers: Equipment Loan Program, Child and Family Participation Program and Intake and Service Navigation. It will examine ways in which to remove systemic barriers that prevent full participation, access and opportunities for employees and the kids, youth and families we serve. When the audit is complete, we will have a snapshot of our current state that will inform our action plan to guide us towards our future, desired state so that we can embed EDIIA in all that we do.

Neil Brochu's Story

Neil’s mother, Leah, shares her family’s experience with CTN as it relates to how they are living with CLN2 Batten Disease. Their story shares the impact that CTN has made on their lives and how the Brochu family has greatly benefitted from the support, services and resources provided by CTN.
blue blob with a heart and people in the middle
of CTN employees and other participants surveyed said they were able to incorporate what they learned into their EDIIA practice

Creating Positive Experiences for Families

a small girl in a costume for halloween playing drums
a small girl in a costume for halloween

Creating positive shared experiences for the kids and families in our network is critical to our success. For one CTN family, a Halloween event helped transform their child’s fear of clinic visits. Read Stephanee's Story.

Equipment Loan Program Changes Lives

a kid in a big wheeled wheelchair looking happy

Having access to specialized recreation, therapy and complex clinical equipment is essential for kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs to participate fully in society. CTN’s Equipment Loan Program (ELP) supports the F-words for Child Development: functioning, family, fitness, fun, friends and future.

The F-words for Child Development are internationally recognized and were created by Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Gorter with CanChild at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Equipment such as adapted bikes or specialized all terrain chairs allow kids and youth to fully participate in their lives. One family who participated in the ELP shared a story about the impact of the program and the difference having access to these recreational pieces of equipment has had on their family.
blue blob with a wheelchair vehicle in the middle
Clients borrowed a
total of 312 pieces of
recreational equipment
“Thank you for this great opportunity for Arianna. This was the first time she was allowed to get up close to waves on the beach. Every time a big wave would come in, she looked surprised and said “WOW”! My heart was full with happiness that she and I could join the family on the beach. Thank you again to CTN for the amazing things you do for our children!”
Ellen, Arianna’s Mother

Celebrating CTN Employees Through
Peer Recognition

group of all shine employees

CTN’s SHINE peer recognition program recognizes and celebrates employees who exemplify CTN’s values and who foster an extraordinary work culture within the organization. Our Employee Engagement Committee created the program to empower employees to help create a sense of well-being and engagement. In 2022-2023, there was a record high number of SHINE awards! A total of 63 SHINE awards were given to employees who exemplify CTN’s four values of inclusion, collaboration, responsibility and innovation.

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sienna and sophia stalteri smiling at the camera

Urgent Response Service Supports Families in Crisis

This past year, Sienna, aged 10 and her family including her mom Cecilia, her dad Anthony and twin sister Sophia, were involved with the Urgent Response Services (URS) program. Sienna was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when she was four years old and up until recently, her behaviour was manageable. Read Sienna's story

Expanding our Partnership with Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services

Dnaagdawenmag banner

Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services became a CTN contracted partner agency in 2019 to provide Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) to Indigenous kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs and their families. The partnership with the Indigenous child well-being agency aligns with CTN’s strategic direction to strive for excellence by removing barriers to equity through the implementation of diversity and inclusion practices as well as building a culture of quality. The evolution of this partnership over the last year has led to innovative ways of embedding Indigenous perspectives into CTN’s approach to service delivery. We created a new position to support URS and CSP as well as Urgent Response respite funds. CTN also partnered with the agency’s knowledge keeper to present on trauma informed care through an Indigenous lens to CTN service providers. Lastly, a student and supervisor from the agency joined CTN’s Community and Family Participation Program (CFPP) co-design project, and supported engagement with Indigenous caregivers on their needs and experiences.

Providing Services to Families Closer to Home

south simcoe one roof ribbon cutting

In September 2022, four local organizations marked the grand opening of a shared space in Alliston dedicated to caring for kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs. The space, known as South Simcoe One Roof, is a partnership between CTN, Catulpa Community Support Services, CLH Developmental Support Services and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH). Members of the community will experience easy access to specialized services as all four organizations are co-located in one, centrally and conveniently located building on Young Street in Alliston. Programs and services provided include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, family resources, adult protective services, infant hearing and preschool speech and language. Finding these four organizations together under one roof fosters an inclusive and collaborative environment creating a place of belonging and reinforcing a sense of community.

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Service Providers attended workshops

Power of Partnerships to Transform Service

child looking at a crayon in a stroller
CTN is continually exploring innovative ways to improve service delivery to kids, youth and families. This year, CTN enriched its partnership with Oak Valley Health (OVH) and RVH. The RVH and OVH teams are leaders in early intervention and have extensive expertise in working with kids and their families. They helped to improve access to service by: 
  • Launching a project to simplify and support access to pediatric medical consultation in Simcoe County  

  • Developing a preschool pathway for kids and families in URS

  • Adding options to the service delivery model for CTN’s feeding assessment and consultation services to better meet the needs of kids and youth with complex swallowing and feeding difficulties 

  • Developing a virtual module with information on picky eating, so that caregivers can develop positive mealtime routines and expectations, introduce new foods, encourage food exploration, and promote more joyful eating with their kids 

  • Partnering with CTN to design and pilot an early intervention speech model for School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS) to provide additional kids with school-based speech services and offer a model of intensive early intervention allowing the right service to be available at the right time for kids and families

Through these initiatives, RVH and OVH have broadened the services they provide to younger kids and are able to share resources more easily among frontline providers and families.

New Skill Development Opportunities for CTN Kids

kids playing with toys to draw with
an adult showing a kid how to play a game on a tablet
kids playing with toys to draw with

STEM Minds is a York Region-based organization that provides science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills to kids and teachers. Since the relationship between CTN and STEM Minds began in 2022, they have provided activities for two CTN Sibshop sessions and in 2023, provided March Break activities. The organization has been successful in securing grants and funding so they can provide free, or nominal cost programming to CTN families. About 40 clients and their siblings have been supported through this partnership and feedback from families has been very positive.

“I was blown away by seeing them work together and show one another moments of discovery. I observed as my two kids bonded, strengthened their friendship and through the shared experiences, will have enriched conversations about what they experienced through your programs this week.” -  CTN parent

Connecting with CTN Communities

a child paddling in a yellow kayak

Over the past year, CTN integrated the Local Team Facilitator (LTF) program and the Family Resource Program into the Community and Family Participation Program (CFPP). The program provides a range of valuable supports and services to families, local communities and network partners through the Community and Family Coordinator (CFC) team.

Last year, the work of the CFC team helped CTN support our vision of a vibrant community where all kids, youth and families belong by creating inclusive and accessible in-person and virtual events and workshops. CFCs hosted 58 events and workshops last year with close to 1,500 kids, youth and families coming from Midland to Markham and beyond with summer park visits, SibShop programs, holiday celebrations, inclusive recreation events and more.
Watch our Reels videos to see the highlights of these incredible events!
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Kids, youth and parents/caregivers attended 58 family events and workshops
green blob icon with a family in the middle
Families served through CFPP
Total followers
green blob icon with hands in the middle
Kids, youth and parents/caregivers attended 58 family events and workshops
green blob icon with a family in the middle
Families served through CFPP
Total followers
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person standing up with a disability talking to a crowd of people

Evolving Human Resources for the Future

An organization’s most important asset is its people. CTN strives to continually focus on the employee experience and satisfaction by enhancing and maintaining a positive work culture where employees feel valued and supported. This translates into an inspired workforce that functions better together to serve kids, youth and families. Over the past year, we have been evolving our human resource functions to better support employee engagement and retention. We have also updated various recruitment and hiring procedures and processes to support the skills and experiences of a new diverse team of employees. We recently developed a robust onboarding program for all new employees. This new formal onboarding program will bring a modern and streamlined approach to welcoming new employees to CTN.

Advancing Technology at CTN

CTN has embarked on some significant improvements to its technology infrastructure and software for clients and partners. Over the past year, CTN has upgraded to more advanced technology services. CTN is currently in the process of enhancing the features of our telephone system. This upgrade will be advantageous not only to our organization, but also to our valued families and clients. Later in 2023, CTN will launch a reminder call service to enhance how clients and families are informed of their appointments booked through our Team Assistants. The modernization of our IT infrastructure and services ensures that our technology is effective, efficient, secure and accessible, allowing us to serve more kids, youth and families.
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2 kids one in a wheelchair

Connecting Families to Services They Need –
Launch of SmartStart Hub

In March 2022 and as part of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services’ (MCCSS) vision for early intervention and special needs modernization, CTN became a SmartStart Hub (SSH) for families in Simcoe County and York Region. A SSH is an equitable and culturally safe, one-stop point of entry for families seeking help for their child or youth when they have concerns about their development. Families can have exploratory conversations to identify their child’s or youth’s strengths, goals and needs. SSH connects families to services while building partnerships among service providers to improve the experience. CTN’s overarching goal is to modernize and improve access to services using information and technology to meet the diverse needs of the kids and youth we serve.

New Tiered Model of Therapy Service Delivery in Simcoe School Boards

This past year, CTN transitioned to delivering occupational therapist and physiotherapy using a tiered model of service in Simcoe County schools. The tiered model is a multi-level system of interventions in which each tier represents more intensive services. CTN partners with a service provider organization to connect an occupational therapist (OT) to each school, who works with the educators in supporting students. Tier 1 provides universal strategies to benefit all students. Tier 2 provides targeted services for small groups of students requiring more direct support. Tier 3 provides individual services for students whose needs surpass Tier 1 and Tier 2. Kids receive services as needed at each tier and can receive interventions from more than one tier at the same time.

This new model will allow for earlier identification of student needs, improve a child’s participation at home and school, and build capacity of therapists, educators and families to understand and support those needs.

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an orange blob with a house with a heart in the middle
In-person visits (Community Based Rehabilitation Services)
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Virtual visits (Community Based Rehabilitation Services)
an orange blob with a house with a heart in the middle
In-person visits (School Based Rehabilitation Services)
an orange blob with a dr in a computer in the middle
Virtual visits (School Based
Rehabilitation Services)
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Developmental Assessments
an orange blob with people in speech bubbles in the middle
Clinical services were
provided with the support of interpreters in
languages and dialects
different speech bubbles for different languages
Top five languages requested for
interpreter support

More About CTN

CTN’s Family Fund

Financial challenges, particularly in today’s economic landscape, are a reality for many families. Some kids or youth with disabilities and developmental needs might require specialized equipment and supports that are not funded by other sources. CTN’s Family Fund is used to help families address eligible expenses when other funding supports have been exhausted or are not available. Through donations of individuals and companies, the fund supports short-term financial needs for some families. This past year, the Family Fund helped 43 families with funds to buy several pieces of equipment that supported kids and youth at home, at school and in the community. The Fund assisted with transportation and parking costs for medical appointments, an adapted chair, a bath seat, walkers, safety harnesses, as well as several other specialty items.If you would like to apply for support from the Family Fund, please contact your CTN service provider.

Accountability & Performance

CTN is committed to full financial transparency. View the 2022-2023 Statement of Operations for the year April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

Programs & Services

CTN offers several programs and services through its network that includes specialized clinics and assessments, family programs, rehabilitation services and supports and intake, service navigation and coordinated service planning.


Our partnerships are the foundation of CTN. These partners provide services to families and children and come from the education, healthcare and social/community service sectors. They enable us to provide support to kids and their families at home, school and in the community.

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Family Fund provided
in support and helped
43 families
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Better Together: A vibrant community where all kids, youth and families belong
Social Media

Visit our website at for more information about CTN's services and a list of locations in York Region and Simcoe County.

Corporate Office:
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Children’s Treatment Network is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and works in close collaboration with network partners funded by MCCSS and other ministries including the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.
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